Saturday 24 August 2019

New Service will save you money on your heating bills!

VIKING Glass have recently launched a new service aimed at encouraging home owners to upgrade their old inefficient single and double glazing to energy efficient double glazing.

In some cases we may even be able to upgrade to triple glazing.

And you get to keep your existing frames-thus avoiding unnecessary expense and re-decorating costs.

Viking Glass can convert/upgrade your glass to one of the most energy efficient double glazed units available today. It costs much less than a complete replacement and will help reduce heating bills particularly in light of recent oil/gas and electricity increases.

We can upgrade most frames including: Timber, Aluminium and Upvc

Wexford Viking Glass is pioneering this new and innovative service on a nationwide basis and believes there are over 1 million homes in Ireland suitable for this upgrade and for every 1% of the market upgrades we could create 80 jobs.

We manufacture our own units from our state of the art factory in Whitemill Ind Est and we also offer comprehensive guarantees on our products and service.

Our double glazed units are over 4 times more efficient than single glazing and up to 60% more efficient than double glazing installed prior to 2004. You really will feel the difference! So why not help create jobs! Save money on heating bills! Be kinder to the Environment!

Change the Pane-Keep the Frame! And be warmly surprised! Call 053 9144111 for a free no obligation survey.

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