Saturday 17 August 2019

Oakfield Nursing Home offers holistic care to the elderly

OAKFIELD NURSING Home is becoming a leader in evidence based holistic care of the elderly. In 2007 we began research into holistic therapies for use in nursing homes, as part of the Healthy Ageing in Residential Care Initiative. This work was extended to include the development of comprehensive spiritual care, social and activity programs. We are currently working to improve the physical health of our residents through diet and exercise using guidelines from the Royal Society of Public Health.

The results of this research identified a need to improve the standards of healthcare education and we are delighted to announce the recent opening of our onsite Center for Education. The Centre focuses on innovative training programs and range of one-day courses in dementia care skills. This training is available for all our staff, health care professionals and also for members of the community working with or caring for the older person at home.

Oakfield is dedicated to improving health education and offers opportunities to develop, understand and implement a person centered holistic approach care. This knowledge is applied at Oakfield ensuring all our residents are cared for with dignity and respect receiving the care and attention they deserve.

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