Sunday 18 August 2019

Ramstown Timberframe

RAMSTOWN TIMBERFRAME HOMES have been supplying cost effective energy efficient homes to the Irish market since 1991. Ramstown have extensive experience and knowledge in the design, manufacture and erection of timberframe homes.

With the changes to the building regulations and as people become more concerned for the environment. Contemporary homes that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly have rendered timberframe increasingly popular. Their lightweight structure and flexible design features have earned them pride of place on Channel 4's top TV show 'Grand Designs'

Timberframe homes are recognized as the most thermally efficient form of building. In fact, timber houses produce 44% less CO2 emissions than traditional concrete block houses - reducing your carbon footprint by almost half in a single step.

By manufacturing the main structural components of a timberframe building in a controlled factory environment, higher quality construction and levels of accuracy are achieved. We manufacture Wall panels, floors panels in metal web (makes fitting mechanical ventilation so much simpler) or standard timber joist, trusses and stairs. We also can supply as part of the package Insulation, air tightness plaster board, internal second fix, Heat recovery systems and Solar panels.

If you are planning to build a new home or renovate your existing home please contact us for a free quotation or if you need some friendly advice on how next to proceed call Nicky on 086 2516449.

Make that dream home an energy efficient Ramstown timberframe home.

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