Sunday 18 August 2019

Show bullying the door!


PICTURE THIS. A young, quiet girl walking down a narrow school corridor, getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of students moving from class to class. Then it suddenly goes quiet. She reaches the end of the corridor. She is surrounded. They have come to make her life miserable once again. They jeer and taunt until the tears begin to fall, which only gives them more ammunition to continue. They suddenly disperse, leaving the broken girl sobbing as she makes her way to class. This unfortunately is a reality for many young people today.

Cyber bullying has become has become a major issue in recent years. Social networking sites such as 'Facebook' and 'Bebo' are a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, nut they can be used in a much more sinister nature. They are the perfect way for bullies to continue to torment their victims even when they are at home, meaning there is no escape. Even when they are at home they are bombarded with mean quips and insults. Unfortunately this is not where it ends.

Emotional bullying plays on your mind in a hurtful and cruel way. Nothing is ever directly said to you. It is the sniggers that fill your head when you ask a question in class, the whispers that seem to be amplified in your mind and the sarcastic remarks which leave you feeling empty inside.

Physical bullying is the most obvious form of bullying. The bully attacks their victim which results in the victim being physically marked in one way or another. Many would say that physical bullying is the most horrendous form of bullying. It may physically appear to be the most hurtful form of bullying but it is the emotional scars which leave you thinking about it as you are about to fall asleep and it is the first thing that enters your mind as you wake.

I believe emotional bullying to be the worst form of bullying. The mean and spiteful comments rest in your mind just waiting to surface. Your confidence shatters into a million pieces. The people I feel most sorry for are the bullies. They are so miserable and consumed with hate that they feel the need to inflict pain and suffering on innocent people. To the victims my advice is to make a stand and tell someone you trust. You are not alone and many other people feel the same way you do everyday.

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