Wednesday 21 August 2019

Starlights shine bright

THERE lies a unique story behind the first maiden voyage of one of Wexford's most famous clubs – Rapparees/Starlights.

The name of the club in itself holds enormous significance to this story, although no one to this day possesses the knowledge of the origin of the name.

It's been told that approximately 90 years ago on a starry night a legendary sporting club was born. The Starlights football club went on to win numerous titles after this momentous night.

In 1971 the Duffy gate area became home to a newly formed Rapparees/Starlight's hurling and football club. The name Rapparees was then giving to the club's hurling teams. This name was chosen from the legendary red Rapperees who were tenants of the town from 1904 to 1914.

From that day forward this newly formed hurling and football club was very competitive and battled many matches in hopes of becoming the best.

In 1978 a first class hurling team captained by Ger Collins succeeded in bringing home the coveted cup after defeating Rathnure by a narrow three points in a nail biting finale. The club's intermediate footballers won more county titles in 1977 and 1979.

The moment of glory arrived in 1983 when the team captured another football senior county title in Wexford.

After these triumphant victories the club went on to become even more successful, with recent titles such as the football county titles in 2002 and 2004. These victories coming from a very triumphant underage level structure in the clubs recent history.

The club is well known for its loyal dedicated players, which can only be described as devoted.

The club has always been situated in the Duffy gate area of the town and this club always was and to this day is the pride of the local community.

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