Tuesday 26 March 2019

Students celebrate Awards Day at Bridgetown

Fionn Byrne accepting the Duais Uí Mhorda Award from Cllr Jim Moore
Fionn Byrne accepting the Duais Uí Mhorda Award from Cllr Jim Moore
Arts and Music: the Helen Rath Award. Sarah Doyle and Jessica Horan with Cllr Jim Moore

Anna Hayes

There were great celebrations at Bridgetown College recently as the annual school awards were presented for achievements over the past year.

Students were honoured for their dedication and commitment in academia, sports, and various extra curricular activities.

The overall student of the year was Lorna Walsh.

Speaking at the event, school principal Fionnuala Greene said it was a special day in the calendar, one which the school community looked forward to. It was, she said, an opportunity to celebrate academic achievement in addition to achievements on the field, the stage and further afield.

She added: 'It is also an occasion for us to acknowledge publicly students' talents, hard work, commitment and helpfulness, and to recognise the many ways in which they display pride in our school.'

She thanked all students who had represented the school over the course of the year and congratulated those whose exemplary behaviour and achievements had been recognised. Finally she acknowledged the hard work of teachers and special needs assistants and thanked them for their support, encouragement, dedication and commitment.


Attendance Awards: David Foley, Jane Kelly, Mark Kelly, Kieron Mc Cormack, Lauren Williams, Aimee Bates Crosbie, Andrew Crosby, Justine Murphy, Daniel Vetrilia, Ben Corish, Conor McGovern, Leon Hogan, Rebecca O Neill, Martin Kearns, Jake Fielding, Liam Fenelon, Jake Fielding, Seán Maddock, Shauna White, Seán Dunne, Mark Wilson, Clara Ryan, Gary Sinnott, Conor Cassidy, Melissa Clegg.

Academic Awards: First Year: Finn Morgan, Philip Carthy, Nathan Daniel, Lauren Williams, Isabelle Walsh. Second Year: Ciara Redmond, Aimee Bates Crosbie, Lauren Scanlon, Rebecca O'Neill, Grace Lambert.Third Year: Seán Maddock, Cora Devlin O'Flaherty, Grisha Dietvorst, William Johnson, Shauna White. Transition Year: Rory Cassidy. LC1: Kira Bates Crosbie, Shane Waters, Kevin Breen, Ben Nagle, Cormac Doyle.

LCA Subject Awards: Entrepreneurial Spirit: Leanne Walsh O'Connor. Leisure & Recreation: Leanne Walsh O'Connor. Best General Education Task: Sinéad Bennett. Best Woodwork Project: Michael Sheil. Hotel & Catering: Dean O'Neill. Engineering: Dean O'Neill. Science: Gavin Lacey.

LC2 Subject Awards: English, French and Business: Juliana Costa. Irish and Geography: Alice Harpur. Maths and DCG: Dean Corish. Accountancy: Melissa Clegg. History: Fionn Byrne. Biology and Engineering: Saoirse Foley. Ag Science: Ciara Walsh. Chemistry: Sophie Roche. Home Economics: Hayley Bohanna. Construction: Andrew Walsh. LCVP: Lorna Walsh.

PLC Student of the Year: Jimmy Somers

Best Junior Cert Results 2017: Kira Bates Crosbie

Best Leaving Cert Results 2017: Sam Boxwell

All Round Achievement Awards First Year: Luke Sinnott, Emma Murphy, Lauren Williams, Isabelle Walsh, Shauna Walsh, Jane Kelly, Alex Guthrie, Layla Murphy Ponde, James Dunne.

All Round Achievement Awards Second Year: Rebecca O'Neill, Aimee Bates-Crosbie, Vicky Breen, Maeve Byrne, Ciara Redmond, Lauren Scallan, Aisling Finn.

All Round Achievement Awards Third Year: Milan Kovacs, Chloe Hamilton, Seán Maddock, Juliet Rochford, Shauna White, Laura Donnelan, Cora Devlin O'Flaherty, Anna Furlong, Annabel Dunlop Doyle.

All Round Achievement Awards Transition Year: Rory Cassidy, Richard Fenlon, Gary Duggan, Conor Cassidy, Kelly Hogan, Jack Donohue, Cian Cassidy.

All Round Achievement Awards LC1: Laura Guthrie, Chloe Banville, Joshua McLoughlin, Kira Bates Crosbie, Daniel Halligan, Conor Breen, Conor Kehoe, Lauren Hayburn.

All Round Achievement Awards LCA1: Leanne Walsh O'Connor, Sinéad Bennett.

All Round Achievement Awards LC2: Julianna Costa, Alice Harpur, Saoirse Foley, Lorna Walsh, Hayley Bohanna, Melissa Clegg, Sarah Doyle, Ciara Walsh.

School Spirit Awards First Year: Cillian Donovan, James Dunner, TJ Flood, Ryan Moran, Ceile Fenlon, Cillian Duggan.

School Spirit Awards Second Year: Ciara Redmond, Rebecca O'Neill, Martin Kearns, Sarah Hendrick, Abigail Roche Murphy, Peter Placzek.

School Spirit Awards Third Year: Kathlyn Kelly, Ben Carr, Seán Maddock, Sophie McGrath.

School Spirit Awards Transition Year: Richard Fenlon, Garry Duggan, Kelly Hogan, Haley Power, Rory Cassidy, Cian Cassidy.

School Spirit Awards LC1: Megan Doyle, Lauren Power, Jack Doyle, Daniel Halligan, Daniel Kearns, Paul Cummins, Anna Richardson, Tyra Brennan, Michael Harvey, Cormac Doyle, Jack Leacy, Jakub Tarnawski.

School Spirit Awards LCA1: Sinéad Bennett, Shannon Walsh, Leanne Walsh O'Connor, Michael Keegan, Gavin Leacy.

School Spirit Awards LC2: Abigail Jones, Rebecca Foley, Chloe Murphy Reddy, Alanna Doyle, Nathan Moore, Jessica Horan, Jessica Mary McMahon.

Arts Award - Music: Senior Award: Jessica Horan and Sarah Doyle. Junior Award: Rebecca Stafford. Choreography Award: Alyanna Doyle

Arts Award - Art: Senior Award: Sarah Doyle. Junior Award: Ciara Murphy.

Award for achievement in journalism: Rory Cassidy

Jim Hurley Science Cup: Joshua McLoughlin

Award for Best Agricultural Science Project: Claire McGee

Duais Ui Mhorda: Fionn Byrne

Sports Awards: Senior Boys' Football: Dylan O'Brien. Junior Boys' Football: Rian Stafford May. Senior Girls' Football: Orla Fortune. Junior Girls' Football: Nadine Cunningham. Senior Boys' Basketball: Michael Harvey. Junior Boys' Basketball: Seán Maddock. Most Improved Boys' Player: Cian Kehoe. Senior Girls' Basketball: Lorena Sauca. Junior Girls' Basketball: Julie Rochford. Most Improved Girls' Player: Rebecca Stafford. Senior Hurling: Andrew Walsh. Under-16 Hurling: Kevin Breen. First Year Rugby: Cillian Donovan, Max Power. Third Year Rugby: Ben Carr. Girls' Athletics: Katelyn Boggan. Boys' Athletics: Liam O'Flaherty. Equestrian: Keara Furlong Bradley, Correna Bowe, Naoise Ward, Andrew Walsh. Boxing: Billy Harmon, Joe Whelan, Alex Ghizdavu. Table Tennis: Conor Smyth.

Senior Student Council: Gary Duggan

Junior Student Council: James Dunne

School Bank: Rory Cassidy, Roisin O'Grady, Hannah Wright, Rebecca McMahon.

Gaeltacht Scholarships: Daniel Foley, Emma Murphy.

Student of the Year Nominees: Josh Burke, Sarah Doyle, Melissa Clegg, Dean Corish, Julianna Costa, Saoirse Foley, Alice Harpur, Nathan Moore, Niamh Sinnott, Ryan Millar Sinnott, Andrew Walsh, Ciara Walsh, Lorna Walsh, Megan Murphy, Sophie Roche.

Overall Student of the Year: Lorna Walsh.

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