Sunday 18 August 2019

The daily diary of a Tae Kwon Do student

THE CLASSES start at seven in the evening. You should arrive early to stretch since the classes are very strenuous. The classes start off with stretches and light exercise to warm the body up for the workout that follows.

You would be amazed by what the instructors (and a couple of the students) can do. After warming up, the class is split up into separate groups according to their grades. The beginners are one group, then the yellow belts, the greens with some blue tips and the last group is a mixture of the reds and some red tips. The instructors split off among themselves to the groups they are most able to work with.

The reds (high grade) work on their patterns as they are expected to know the others as well. At eight, the beginners and the yellow belts go home, as they are too young to continue for the extra half an hour.

The students come back to the original class where the main instructor, Mr. Martin Murphy (sixth degree black belt) takes over the class. He separates the class into groups of two so we have one on one sparring. The sparring is exhausting and only for the higher grades, as the younger grades would not be able to handle it. After the sparring, we bow to our partners and return to the class.

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