Wednesday 13 December 2017

There won't be blood???

COULD IT BE that people who reside in towns are more squeamish than those who live life red in tooth and claw out in the countryside? The question comes to mind after perusing a roll call showing the addresses of those honoured by the blood transfusion service for making regular donations.

The list for the Enniscorthy district features the names of 29 donors – only two of whom have bona fide urban addresses. Take a bow Marguerite Casey from Slaney Street and her Cluain Dara neighbour Liam Kelly.

The population of the town is around the 10,000 mark, while the total population for the district is surely no more than 25,000.

However, the townies make up just 7 per cent of the donors on the roll of honour. The town's two is matched by the pair (Davis O'Shea and Jacqueline Murphy) from the mighty metropolis of Milehouse. Boolavogue and Clonroche too are represented on the double.

And the few drops of red shed by the townies are dwarfed by the four Ferns names on the roll of honour.

An explanation, whether sociological or statistical, psychological or practical, would be appreciated.

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