Sunday 17 November 2019

Wine and tapas at Spanish Centre open day

Tutor Lolo Lazaro with family and friends
Tutor Lolo Lazaro with family and friends
Marta Onate, Uwe Khun and Mary Kuhn

Brendan Keane

Wine and tapas were the order of the day at the Spanish Centre in Mary Street, Wexford, when it held an open day for current and former students.

Speaking to this newspaper the man behind the centre, Lolo Lázaro said the informal get-together is something that's done to mark classes starting in September.

'It's a relaxed occasion with wine and tapas where we chat in Spanish and English and do some catching up,' he said.

Information was also handed out about the ongoing Spanish Courses at the centre as well as the Spanish language holiday which will take place in Cáceres, Spain.

'We put a special emphasis on creating a relaxed atmosphere in our classes to help students learn in a fun and practical way,' said Mr Lázaro.

He went on to comment that people want to learn Spanish for many different reasons and that to-date over 500 students have attended classes in the centre.

He said people in Wexford have been very supportive of the centre and he is very appreciative of that.

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