Tuesday 20 August 2019

10 things you may not know about the County Library

Footfall through Wexford Library for 2010 stood at 140,000.

160,000 book loans were issued during the past year.

Members of the public booked 18,000 one-hour internet sessions last year.

Research of newspaper on microfilm was carried out a total of 4,100 times.

The library has a total of 16,500 members.

270 events, such as lectures, exhibitions and poetry recitals were organised at Wexford Library last year, with 114 of which intended for adults and 156 designed to cater for children.

Wexford Library has 'story sacks' available on request for use in the library by parents and teachers. A story sack is a cloth bag containing a story book, soft toy characters, props and scenery to encourage children and adults to read together and act out role play. Each sack is based on a well known story such as 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

Applied Science (Carpentry, Gardening, Business and Health etc.) is the most popular non-fiction genre. There are two mobile libraries.

They make 116 stops every fortnight and made over 100,000 loans in the past year alone. Vision-net is available through

Wexford Library. It provides information on all Irish and UK companies, including access to documents filed by companies, such as Audited Company Accounts and Allotment of Shares.

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