Monday 16 September 2019

1,100 more children in the county than in 2011

there are 1,100 more children in County Wexford primary schools than there were five years ago, according to newly-released Census 2016 data.

Analysing the figures, Cllr Malcom Byrne, prominent amongst those furthering the campaign for more school places in the county, said that the figures show that pressure on second levels schools will continue as the primary school children seek second-level places. 'Many of our primary schools have been under pressure with pupil numbers in recent years and this demographic trend is going to continue into second level. It emphasises the importance of investing in facilities for education, for training and for youth services,' he said. 'One of our problems is that we often don't plan adequately. We need to properly prepare. the growth in second level numbers will obviously also then have implications for the demand for third level places and for apprenticeships.' The census figures show that the number of primary school age children (aged from 5 and 14) in the County grew from 21,525 in the 2011 Census to 22,625 in last year's. The figures show that in the long term, the county's birth rate is declining. While in 2011, there were 11,539 children aged four and under in County Wexford, that number was down to 10,327 in 2016.

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