Saturday 24 February 2018

€1.5 million housing boost for county

by David Tucker

Minister for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin.
Minister for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin.

Wexford County Council is to receive a €1.5 million shot in the arm from the government to improve housing for elderly and disabled people.

'The much-needed funds were confirmed last Thursday by my colleague, Environment Minister Alan Kelly, as part of a national housing investment package of €91 million,' said Minister Howlin.

'The grant allows extensions to be built for people with a disability, and also housing adaptations to improve mobility, by funding items such as stair lifts and access ramps. This is hugely important for those affected as it can greatly improve their quality of life.'

He said that under the package, Wexford will receive €434,500 for local authority house adaptations and extensions to meet the needs of local tenants with a disability and to deal with overcrowding.

The €91m funding package will be used across a range of housing schemes to make more social housing available and to improve housing for people with disabilities, as well as retrofitting homes to improve energy efficiency, with €415,581 funding provided to Wexford County Council to help make local authority houses more energy efficient.

'In addition, nine vacant local authority units in Wexford are also being put back into productive use locally following the commitment of €219,000 to help address vacancy problems,' said Minister Howlin.

He said one of his huge frustrations was seeing boarded-up social housing not being used, 'so it's important to see these vacant units come back on stream as quickly as possible'.

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