Friday 18 October 2019

17 dogs seized in car at Rosslare

Bridiget with pups
Bridiget with pups

SEVENTEEN dogs enroute to the UK were rescued by dog warden Johnny Colfer and the WSCPA’s Brigid Cullen at Rosslare Europort early on Monday morning.

The haul included a heavily pregnant German Shepherd who gave birth hours later at Wexford SPCA.

The animals were seized after a people carrier was stopped when a security officer spotted that the rear of the vehicle appeared to be lower than it should have been. A Department of Agriculture vet was notified and it was then discovered that the English driver had no paperwork for any of dogs, which were locked in a series of cages.

‘The driver said he didn’t know where he had picked them up, who he had picked them up from or where he had been. He said he couldn’t even describe the person or people he had got the dogs from,’ said Brigid. She said two of the dogs were microchipped and she would be going through the microchip database today (Tuesday) to find out the identities of the owners, who would then be contacted.

All the dogs, she said, were in immaculate condition and did not appear to have been in the cages for a long time which could suggest they had been loaded not too far from the port.

The dogs were two German Shepherds, one a female which was heavily pregnant, five adult Springer Spaniels, one a female, seven Springer Spaniel puppies, three Jack Russell terrier pups.

Two of the Springers were microchipped and a number of the dogs were wearing collars, one with a bandana, which would suggest they were family pets.

‘They were all in very good condition, but all very thirsty. The cages were covered in white cloths,’ said Brigid.

If your dog has gone missing recently, or you know someone whose has, you can contact the WSPCA on (053) 9143919 or the dog warden on 087 6293043.

It’s understood the driver of the people carrier was released after being questioned.

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