Sunday 17 December 2017

181 km/h

DRIVING at a speed of 181 km/h at Camross has earned a Taghmon man a three-month driving ban.

John Collier (25), of Castlehayestown, Taghmon, was clocked at that speed by Garda David Dempsey on May 27 last.

The offence happened at 8.15 p.m. in a 100 km/h zone. Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla asked what the 181 km/h converted to in miles per hour and Inspector Mick Walsh informed him it was around 112 mp/h.

The defendant apologised and told Judge O Buachalla that 'it won't happen again'.

Collier was convicted of careless driving, fined €300 and disqualified from driving for three months.

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