Sunday 17 December 2017

€30,000 to house homeless as high rents force people out

Wexford Borough Municipal District has spent €30,000 on temporary accommodation for homeless people so far this year.

Council official Michelle Bridges Carley said that there was 'a significant increase in homelessness. 'There is a lot of homelessness in Wexford. We have spent €30,000 so far this year and it could even be higher.

Cllr Anthony Kelly said that people are now being forced out of their homes because of increasing rents and said many tenants are in fear of losing their homes.

He said that in one case a 70-year-old woman lost her home after her landlord sold up and was faced with being housed by the council in a bed and breakfast.


However at the last minute he had managed to secure private rented accommodation that she could afford.

'That's not acceptable. We can't be putting elderly people in a B&B.'

Ms Bridges Carley said it is a growing problem and said that while the council did have a small number of emergency houses around the county for people affected by homelessness these were generally full as was Ozanam House and the Women's Refuge. Much of the time the council was forced to rely on bed and breakfasts for emergency accommodation.

Meanwhile there is still no word on if and when any Syrian refugees will be coming to County Wexford, although it's widely accepted that the county will be asked to rehome some of the families due to be accommodated nationally.

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