Sunday 20 October 2019

3,800 Wexford cars have no road tax

David Tucker

Almost 3,800 cars in County Wexford are being driven without any road tax, according to car history check service's statistics reveal that 3,767 vehicles with Wexford registration plates on Irish roads are untaxed, while 2.5 per cent of all vehicles that were written off this year were Wexford-registered vehicles.

Car clocking, write-offs and false NCT certificates are just some of the issues that show up from a background checks.

The database is the most comprehensive vehicle background check available to drivers in Ireland with data compiled from numerous official trade sources.

The latest statistics indicate blue is the most common car colour in Wexford, while Ford is the most common car brand.

Speaking about the statistics, Justin Kavanagh, Managing Director of urged all drivers who are considering purchasing a second-hand car to make an informed decision. A vehicle history check costs just €18, a fraction of the maintenance and repair costs which could be incurred from buying a faulty second-hand car.

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