Monday 14 October 2019

40 grass and bush fires in past week

WEXFORD Fire Service was called out to 40 grass and brush fires in the past week.

And despite recent rainfall, the fire service says the ground is still tinder dry and the danger persists.

Appealing to people to be extremely cautious, especially when it comes to discarding their cigarette butts, disposing of bottles or looking after barbecues, a fire service spokesman said it was fortunate that no-one had beeen hurt in any of the fires.

He said arson was suspected in a couple of cases, however, the majority appeared to be as a result of carelessness. The spokesman would not comment on which areas it was suspected the fires were deliberately set.

One major issue confronting the emergency services was getting to the scenes of the fires especially those close to the coast.

'I would appeal to people not to block access routes to the beaches as these get narrower the closer you get and the last think you want to find when returning from the seashore is to find your car burned out,' said the spokesman. And he urged people to report fires as soon as they saw them.

'It's better to deal with small fires than big ones, fires spread extrenmely quickly and we would rather deal with them early on,' said the spokesman.

Among the latest incidents, fires fires broke out in scrub land at the Rocks in Wexford on two occasions in the past week.The latest incident, which sent ashes into neighbouring streets, took place on Saturday.

On Sunday, a section of the main road from Wexford to Kilmore Quay was briefly closed after smoke from a fierce blaze in the dunes obscured the carriageway.

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