Wednesday 16 October 2019

€42,000 for county to tackle litter

WEXFORD has been allocated €42,000 to fund anti-litter initiatives for the year ahead.

It comes in the wake of last week's meeting of Wexford County Council, where Eddie Breen, County Manager, described the level of illegal dumping throughout the county as being of 'epidemic proportions'.

When asked whether €42,000 was sufficient funding to tackle the litter problem throughout Wexford, Eddie Taaffe, Director of Services at Wexford County Council, responded: 'Of course you would always like more money but I am sure it will allow us to do what we need to.'

The money set aside for tackling this problem is being allocated under two separate schemes.

A provision of €27,000 was made available to the Anti-litter & Anti-graffiti Awareness Grant Scheme.

Secondly, €15,000 was allocated for a new Litter Enforcement Scheme, under the Tourist Season Anti-litter Grant Scheme.

Eddie Taaffe, explained that 'this money allows us to run anti litter campaigns through schools. This money will be be put to good use, particularly in local schools'.

He described education campaigns as the best way of tackling the litter problem. 'Prevention is certainly better than cure', he said.

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