Monday 19 February 2018

446 dogs put down in Wexford last year

By David Tucker


MORE dogs were put down in County Wexford in 2014 than in any other county.

A total of 446 dogs were put to sleep in the county in 2014, more than double the number euthanised in all but one of the other counties.

Details of the dogs seized under the Control of Dogs Act have just been published by the Department of Environment.

They reveal that 862 dogs were seized and 425 were collected in County Wexford in 2014. Of these, 462 were rehomed or reclaimed and 372 transferred to dog welfare groups, with 446 put down and nine dying by natural causes.

Only Limerick came close to the Wexford figure with 308 dogs put down.

More dogs were seized in Wexford than in any other county as well, with the 862 seized, comparing to its nearest contender, 696 in south Dublin, although only 109 were put down in that jurisdiction.

Leitrim had the lowest toll in the State, with only one dog put down out of 102 seized.

Nationally, of the 14,559 dogs coming into the pound system, 43 per cent (6,238 dogs) were saved by rescue groups and 2,896 were put to sleep.

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