Friday 15 December 2017

A commentary box at Wexford racecourse was left severely damaged after a suspected arson attack


The commentary box has been left severely damaged.
The commentary box has been left severely damaged.

A temporary commentary box at Wexford racecourse was badly damaged following a suspected arson attack last Thursday evening.

Wexford Fire Brigade and the local Gardai were alerted to a fire at 7.30 p.m. after a blaze high up in the box was spotted by a passerby. Two units of the fire brigade were deployed to the scene, where the fire was extinguished within 40 minutes.

'Two of the rooms were fire-damaged and one was very badly burned,' said Ray Murphy, Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer at Wexford County Fire Service. 'It was dealt with quite rapidly from outside of the building.'

Manager of Wexford Racecourse Michael Murphy described the incident as 'very disappointing' saying that the subsequent damage was 'severe'.

'That's all i can say. It's hard to understand the minds of the people that do such a thing but its happening all over the country,' he said.

According to Michael, this is the second time in recent months that the commentary box has been set alight.

'It happened at the end of the summer but people passing by rang the fire services and they came very quickly,' he explained.

When asked whether he had solutions to stop arson attacks at the racecourse, Michael said that there's 'very little' that can be done.

'These crimes are going on everywhere,' he said. 'We are living in difficult times.'

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