Sunday 20 October 2019

A good place to relax in the sun

Cllr Michael Kinsella was concerned that some of his colleagues had been risking skin damage when they gathered in the sunshine before the Monday afternoon meeting. He suggested that some of them had not applied sun screen.

However, he did approve of the place where they chose to enjoy the good weather, beside the new 'Solstice' statue, pictured, in front of council HQ at Carricklawn. 'A significant piece of work,' was the cultured councillor's verdict on the Rowan Gillespie sculpture.

He confessed that he did not know the Glotz and Harrington families responsible for bringing the work to Wexford but he thanked them warmly for their generosity.

'Have you room for an oul Hedgehog?' wondered Cllr Robbie Ireton out loud.

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