Saturday 18 November 2017

'A great personal friend'


It IS with profound regret that we have learned of the death of Dr. Garret Fitzgerald.

Our links with him go back to the early 60s when Garret Fitzgerald interviewed the then leader of the Labour Party and future Tánaiste, Brendan Corish, for a TV programme on Ireland's proposed entry into the European Community. During his time in the Seanad, he saw much more of Brendan and shared his concern for public welfare and social justice. This developed into a personal relationship which was ultimately transformed into the 1973-1977 Coalition Government between Fine Gael and Labour under the leadership of Liam Cosgrave.

Garret Fitzgerald's palpable integrity combined with his unambiguous attitude and approach to the social and political issues of the day was instrumental in the formation of mutual trust within a government of strong and diverse personalities.

As a Cabinet Minister and later as Taoiseach, Garret was constantly focused on the modern approach to issues facing Ireland, their solutions and the process of reform. He will be remembered for his contribution in changing the course of Irish politics to embrace the opportunities offered by participation in the EU in addition to social and political reconciliation.

His personal attributes included immense academic prudence and personal resilience which initiated proposals leading to the formation of the New Ireland Forum and ultimately the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

Not only was he a personal friend of Brendan Corish but he was also an astute political ally whose foresight and judgment were invaluable. His death leaves the country devoid of an inquisitive intellect, an accomplished debater and a charismatic leader.

OnbehalfofMrsPhyllisCorish,widowofthelateTanaiste and leader of the Labour Party Brendan Corish, and family.

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