Sunday 19 January 2020

A special creation to mark rugby-mad Emma’s birthday

Mick Doran, Deirdre Taaffe, Emma Taaffe, May Taffe and Billy Taaffe
Mick Doran, Deirdre Taaffe, Emma Taaffe, May Taffe and Billy Taaffe

Simon Bourke

When your only sibling celebrates a landmark birthday, it is expected that you do something special, a little out of the ordinary.

And so, with her little sister turning 30, Deirdre Taaffe decided the time was right to try something new.

'She's a big fan of Irish rugby so I baked her an Ireland rugby cake. It was my first time ever baking a cake,' Deirdre said. And, despite her reservations, Deirdre said her special creation went down well.

Furthermore, the party held in honour of Emma Taaffe was a great success.

'It was a fantastic night. The Swan was a brilliant venue,' said Deirdre. 'The staff there couldn't have been better. Their attention to detail was outstanding, I'd have no hesitation in going there again.'

With parents May and Billy standing proudly by, along with the rest of the Taaffe family, Emma was joined by a number of her friends, including one of her very best friends who came all the way down from Dublin for the evening.

In addition to the cake, the birthday girl received a number of presents, a trip to Rome and an Ireland jersey among them.

And Deirdre paid tribute to the person she called her 'best friend'.

'Emma's my little sister and my best friend. She's very trustworthy and lovable.

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