Saturday 18 November 2017

A tale of two Tintern Abbeys in Opera Festival brochure

By Maria Pepper

Tintern Abbey in Wexford (left), and Tintern in Wales.
Tintern Abbey in Wexford (left), and Tintern in Wales.
Tintern Abbey in Wexford (left), and Tintern in Wales.

Putting the wrong photograph of Tintern Abbey in a widely circulated promotional brochure was an 'honest mistake' on the part of Wexford Festival Opera, according to media relations manager Elizabeth Rose Browne.

The glossy 25-page magazine inserted in 100,000 copies of the Irish Times, featured a photograph of the more famous Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire on the banks of the River Wye in Wales in a list of 'Great Places to Visit' in County Wexford.

'We put our hands up. It was just an error on our part, an honest mistake. Of course, we would have preferred that it didn't happen', said Ms. Rose Browne.

'Normally, the venues give us the images. We tried to get images from the OPW but we didn't make any headway so we sourced them ourselves. It was done in good faith and with good intention,' she said.

Ms. Rose Browne said it was decided to promote top local places to eat, visit and shop in the opera brochure because Wexford is such a great experience for visitors.

The case of the mistaken photograph was published in a small article in the Sunday Times.

It's not the first time that the two medieval Tintern Abbeys have been mixed up, according to a staff member in the Hook Peninsula which has has enjoyed a bumper tourist season.

People have arrived in Tintern, thinking it's the Welsh one which was made famous by a Wordsworth poem, and Sat Nav systems also tend to get them confused, she said.

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