Tuesday 22 October 2019

A walk through time in the historical village of Rosslare

A group who took part in the historical walking tour of Rosslare
A group who took part in the historical walking tour of Rosslare

Simon Bourke

A walking tour through the historical sites of Rosslare proved so informative that organisers are planning a second tour to include the stuff they left out.

Hosted by Rosslare Historical Society and Rosslare Community Development Association, the walk attracted locals and visitors alike. And such was the turnout, the group had to be split in two, with editor of 'Rosslare in History', Gerry Breen taking one party and local historican, Michael Freeman, the other.

'We started at the car park and we headed up towards the old coast guard station and towards the cannons and we got a brief history on that, and then we worked our way back through the village and found out about Oliver Cromwell coming to land here,' said Maria Gore, who is the Manager of Rosslare Community and Sports Centre.

However, according to Maria, there simply wasn't enough hours in the day to take in everything that Rosslare had to offer. 'We actually finished at the church and we still have to do the southern end of the village so we'll have to make another day for that,' she said.

In addition, plans are afoot to make the walks a more regular occurrence, a summer attraction for visitors to the village: 'We've registered on Walking Tours and Trails Ireland so we're going to try and keep it going, maybe do tours on the beach and the whole village itself in the summer,' Maria confirmed.

And Maria, who has been working at the Community Centre since September 2017, admitted that much of the information available on the tour was new even to her. 'I got a wealth of knowledge from the walk, and now I'm going to be able to pass it on to visitors calling in.'

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