Saturday 7 December 2019

A Women's Day full of colour

Lee McEvoy, Rocio Bruckmann, Rita Makarova and Annette O’Hara.
Lee McEvoy, Rocio Bruckmann, Rita Makarova and Annette O’Hara.
Gosia Dutkienicz, Kateryna Galushchenko and Agnieszika Szadujko-Sawic.

Pádraig Byrne

There were some fantastic costumes on display at the offices of Access 2000 on Green Street last week to celebrate International Women's Day.

The colourful costumes were the work of the inter-cultural women's group, which has been running there since November of last year.

A total of 17 different nationalities are represented in the group and as a special project to celebrate International Women's Day, they decided to design and make costumes that reflect their own traditional, national dress.

'A great effort went in from the ladies,' said Margaret Cullen of Access 2000.

'They up-cycled all kinds of fabrics, old curtains, sheets, you name it!'

'The aim now is to create a kind of a booklet that will explain each of their creations and where they come from.'

The group, which receives funding from the Department of Justice's Migrant Immigration Fund, meets two mornings per week and is very active.

Recently, it's members have been learning all about Irish history and even paid a visit to the Irish National Heritage Park, while another trip is planned to see how Irish democracy works on a trip to Dáil Eireann.

To continue the International Women's Day celebrations, there was also traditional Irish food, such as stew and soda bread, served, while the group also enjoyed storytelling by Deirdre Wadding and traditional Irish music.

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