Saturday 24 February 2018

A 'yes' to marriage equality in every Weford ballot box

PEOPLE in Wexford town and district turned out in their droves to vote in the same sex marriage referendum, with 'Yes' voters winning the day in every box.

According to a cross-party tally carried out in the Wexford Count Centre on Saturday, the lowest 'Yes' vote in the town was in St. John's Number Five where 56.2 per cent voted in favour of changing the constitution. By contrast 72.1 per cent of voters in St. John's Road Number Four voted 'Yes'.

Coolcotts, with its large, modern estates, was one of the main drivers in the 'Yes' vote in the town, with the seven boxes ranging from 63.9 per cent to 75 per cent, the highest 'Yes' vote in the town.

The highest 'Yes' vote in the county was in Ballymurn at 79.7 per cent, while the lowest was in Gusserane at 52 per cent. Overall, the town voted 66 per cent in favour.

Minister Paul Kehoe described the vote as 'democracy at work' while Deputy John Browne said it was a sign of a changing Ireland.

REFERENDUM 2015 SPECIAL: PAGES 22, 23, 24 & 25

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