Tuesday 20 August 2019

Accident drama as mum and daughter hit by car

The scene of the accident.
The scene of the accident.

By David Looby

A MOTHER and child were hurt when they were struck by a vehicle outside St Senan's Church in Enniscorthy on Saturday.

The accident involving a mother and daughter occurred shortly before 1 p.m. following the St Senan's Primary School Confirmation ceremony.

A large crowd of people were in the vicinity at a particularly busy time of the day with families having arrived from across the district for the Confirmation.

The accident occurred at the pedestrian crossing adjacent to the church. It is understood the mother and daughter suffered hip and head injuries.

A Garda spokesperson at Enniscorthy Garda Station said the mother and daughter from the Enniscorthy area were crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing in The Shannon when they were struck by a vehicle. 'They darted across and the mother fell, along with the daughter.'

An eye witness contacted the emergency services and an ambulance arrived at the scene and both parties were taken to Wexford General Hospital for observation.

Family members of the stricken mother and daughter crowded around them as they were placed in the ambulance.

The spokesperson said: 'The Gardaí attended, along with an ambulance, and they were both taken to Wexford General Hospital.'

The Garda spokesperson said fortunately no serious injuries were sustained in the accident, adding that nobody was arrested afterwards.

In a separate incident in Templeshannon two vehicles were involved in a collision on the quay that afternoon.

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