Thursday 14 December 2017

ACCUSED RESTRAINED BY SIX OFFICERS Courtroom uproar as row breaks out

AT LEAST half a dozen Gardaí and prison officers were called on to restrain alleged heroin dealer Thomas Hendy during an interruption to proceeding at Enniscorthy District Court.

The accused, with addresses at Mullinagore in Castlebridge and 4 Milehouse Mews in Enniscorthy, arrived at the courthouse in Enniscorthy with a crutch.

His case was called early in the sitting by court clerk Kitty Cassin but there was some uncertainty about warrants, so it was put back. Shortly afterwards, a shemozzle broke out and Hendy was pinned to the floor by officers including Garda Inspector Pat Cody, while the accused man's father shouted.

As the struggle continued, Judge Donnchadh Ó Buachalla announced that he would rise for three minutes and he retired to the privacy of his chamber.

The clock was knocked off the wall as the grappling continued, with Hendy senior saying loudly: 'Get the heroes off him,' and 'You started it,' before the son was led away out of the room in handcuffs, without the benefit of the crutch.

The judge returned to resume the business of the day but he did not return to the Hendy case until the end of the sitting. The defendant was brought back into the courtroom.

He remained handcuffed while Garda Anne Shore gave evidence of serving a book of evidence. He was then formally sent forward for trial on a charge of having heroin for sale or supply at Milehouse Mews on June 11 last year. He declined bail, saying: 'I am not applying for bail. I'm going to Clover Hill anyway.'

Earlier his solicitor Ed King mentioned that other matters were before Dun Laoghaire District Court.

Twenty-eight year old Hendy also has prosecutions outstanding before Wexford District Court. He had been accused of theft from 1 Carcur Cottage in Wexford; of criminal damage to a door belonging to Antoinette Codd on April 2; and of handling stolen clothes in Wellington Place on April 12.

The charges were adjourned to the Wexford court sitting of September 13, along with charges of failure to appear at court in Wexford on April 19 and July 6 and at the Dublin Circuit Court on June 28.

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