Wednesday 23 October 2019

Action needed to stop ex convicts moving here

THE Courtown and Riverchapel areas are becoming 'dumping grounds' for Dublin criminals, according to Declan Dunbar of Courtown Community Council.

Mr Dunbar said many landlords in these areas are taking in tenants who are Dublin criminals, who go on to commit offences in the area.

'Is there any law to stop them from taking in undesirables.'

Chief Superintendent John Roche described the problem as among the most serious facing the county.

'Tenants move in on a short to medium term basis. They are under the radar. It's not just the private sector. They are being housed by various housing statutory bodies. We are literally a dumping ground for ex convcts. It's an absolute scandal. They are sending us tenants from Dublin who they want to get rid of,' Mr Dunbar said.

Cllr John Fleming said there are concerns in Adamstown about social housing in an estate there. County Manager Tom Enright said difficult tenants are removed from council houses, while the PRTB handles cases in private houses.

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