Tuesday 17 September 2019

Age restriction would stop blinged up babies

Deborah Coleman.
Deborah Coleman.
Perhaps ear piercing for girls has been the norm over generations, but this still isn't a reason to inflict pain on a small child who doesn't want or need earrings.

By Deborah Coleman - Straight Talking

An online petition went viral this week to have a minimum age set for children having their ears pierced.

This, to my mind, makes complete sense and it is rather worrying that a petition has to be launched to even address the issue.

Yet, there appears to be a very large number of parents seeking to have their babies' ears pierced as newborns.

On what level does any adult think it is acceptable to inflict unneccessary pain on an infant such as this? There is no merit in having this procedure done, especially for small babies.

Every day though we see children, younger than pre-school age being pushed in prams wearing earrings.

Having one's ears pierced is painful and there is a certain amount of aftercare involved to prevent infection.

I don't understand why any parent feels this is a thing that needs to be done at such an early stage of their child's life. There is something unsettling about a 'blinged up baby'. Children are innocent and adorning them with jewellery more suited to older children and adults is in very poor taste.

Every parent knows the turmoil of taking their small baby for his or her vaccinations.

It is something we dread yet we do it because it is of benefit and importance to them in the long run. What merit is there in having their little ears pieced before they have even properly developed?

Nobody in the right mind would go through an episode of this purely to enable their child to wear earrings-before they are even old enough to understand what earrings are.

The other concerning factor is the possibility of the child swallowing or choking on an earring. It's not unthinkable that they would pull them out as they must be an irritation.

Many people argue that many people see ear piercing of babies has cultural significance but I imagine that rather than cultural it is more habit and tradition and for many, the norm over generations.

This still isn't a reason to inflict pain on a small child who doesn't want or need earrings. As for those who do so purely for aesthetic reasons, a serious reality check is needed.

An older child or teenager is much better equipped to deal with the pain involved and to be responsible for their own aftercare.

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