Friday 20 July 2018

All bets are off as Yates calls time on 'home turf'


CELTIC BOOKMAKERS is selling off its shop closest to the home base of founder Ivan Yates in a bid to beat off the effects of recession. The four staff at the Celtic branch in Enniscorthy expect to be employed by Yates's rivals Boyle Sports within a matter of days.

Executive Padraig Hall this week refused to confirm that Boyles – who already have a shop on the other side of town in Templeshannon – are the likely purchasers. But he confirmed that extended negotiations to sell the shop have been ongoing.

Celtic has already closed its branches in Carlow and Portlaoise on the grounds that they were no longer viable. Meanwhile, the shop at Lombard Street in Dublin was let go at the weekend to Paddy Power in an effort to raise cash. Padraig Hall indicated that the Enniscorthy sale is another attempt to bring in funds.

He stressed that both staff and the landlord at Duffry Hill have been notified of the impending change. Eight staff have been shed from the payroll with the closure of two shops and the shutting down of Celtic's tele-betting operation.

However, they still have 49 shops in Ireland and a further two in Wales and the spokesman indicated that he did not expect any more sell-offs in the immediate future.

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