Monday 16 September 2019

Allen receives mayoral chain

CLLR. JIM Allen of Fine Gael became the Mayor of Wexford on Monday night after defeating Cllr. Fergie Kehoe of Fianna Fail.

Cllr. Allen's election was guaranteed by a mayoral pact between his party and Labour who have seven votes between them on the Council.

Cllr. Philomena Roche of Fine Gael was elected Deputy Mayor, defeating Cllr. Danny Forde of the Green Party.

Cllr. Kehoe was one of the first to shake the new Mayor's hand but in a brief address during the A.G..M. held in Wexford Arts Centre, he criticised the pact. 'It was very difficult coming here tonight knowing you are going into a battle to lose,' he said.

'I have always believed in true democracy. I believe the mayoralty should be inclusive of all members of Wexford Borough Council. It's unjust to exclude five members on a continuing basis,' said Cllr. Kehoe.

The newly-elected Mayor said he was ' truly humbled by this great honour.' He outlined a list of ambitions for the year and pledged his support to voluntary groups and local businesses.

Mayor Allen, a father of four, said he would ' go anywhere and meet anyone' to promote Wexford as a location for jobs investment.

He wants to invite American President Barack Obama to Wexford next year on the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's visit and plans to wear the Easter Lily and the Poppy next November, in memory of his great-grandfather Michael Golden of Wygram and over 800 Wexford who died during the Great War.

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