Thursday 22 August 2019

Allen wants history book written

FINE GAEL councillor Jim Allen wants to mark the history of the Borough Council by putting memorabilia on public display and having a special Wexford day every year.

Cllr Allen received unanimous support when he proposed the idea at a meeting of the council.

'I think it is important that we recognise the history of the town and the fact that the Borough Council has been around a long time,' he said, adding that Wexford had its first mayor in 1318. 'Wexford has a tremendous history and we should honour it.'

Cllr Padge Reck, the author of 'A Municipal History of Wexford', corrected him by pointing out that the first mayor of the town was appointed in 1609, but said he thought that Cllr Allen's idea was a good one.

He warned that there might be a security issue though, as the mayoral chains, maces and minute books were very valuable. 'Perhaps if they were on display once a year. It would be terrible if anything were to happen to any of the items.'

Cllr Ted Howlin welcomed the proposal and suggested that it be passed on to the protocol committee.

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