Thursday 22 August 2019

'Amateur' thieves fail in ATM hoist



THREE WOULD-BE ROBBERS broke into a Killinick supermarket in the middle of the night, tied a rope around an ATM machine and tried to pull it away with a car.

The culprits smashed a front window to gain entry to Kiely's Centra in Killinick in the early hours of last Thursday morning. They fled the area with no loot after the rope snapped and an alarm went off.

The attempted burglary happened between 3.25 a.m. and 3.50 a.m. and was captured on CCTV cameras.

Gardai went to the scene after the alarm was activated and discovered the broken window and the rope.

' The culprits gained entry by smashing a front window and tied a rope around the ATM at the back of the shop. They used a car to try and pull it out. It appeared that the rope snapped. They got nothing, ' said a Garda spokesman, who described the incident as 'amateurish'.

CCTV footage shows three males in the shop, with their faces covered, carrying out the botched robbery attempt.

'It wasn't what you would describe as Einstein-style. It doesn't appear that much thought went into it,' said the Garda spokesman, adding that they are following a 'definite line of enquiry'.

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