Sunday 18 March 2018

American cousins pay emotional tribute

LEO CARTHY'S American cousins paid an emotional tribute to him before his funeral Mass in Our Lady's Island yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.

Having being adopted as a child, Leo set out, later in life, to find his roots and with the help of his wife Anne and his family this search eventually led him to his cousins in Connecticut in the United States.

In an e-mail, read aloud just prior to Mass, Leo's 'American family' expressed their deepest sympathy to Anne and Assumpta, Ger and Seán. ' Our hearts are broken and we grieve with you,' they said.

They said that Leo's search for his roots had ' bore great fruit on both sides of the ocean', recalling that the man himself said, 'I went in search of a family tree and found a forest.'

The meeting of first cousins Leo and Betty in 2004 was recalled, as were the many other great times, on both sides of the Atlantic, shared by the Our Lady's Island man and his extended American family, who described him as 'a bright light in this world'.

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