Monday 27 January 2020

Anger at broken car park machine at hospital

The sign on the machine at Wexford General Hospital where days have turned into weeks
The sign on the machine at Wexford General Hospital where days have turned into weeks

Maria Pepper

A woman who has been forced to pay over €100 for parking at Wexford General Hospital to visit her sick mother, has complained about the delay in fixing a machine which prints multi-visit tickets for visitors.

The machine inside the reception of the hospital broke down at least a fortnight ago and is unable to provide 2, 5 and 15 day tickets at discounted prices.

This means that people who have relatives in hospital have to pay €4 each time they leave and return on repeat daily visits.

The tickets are printed by the machine and handed to visitors by a member of the security staff.

Rathaspeck resident Nicole Doyle's mother was admitted to hospital 13 days ago on Thursday, October 3 and the machine has been out of action all that time.

'I asked one of the security people and he said the car park management company is based in Waterford and they're waiting on a part to come from Italy.

'Anyone involved in transport knows that if a truck goes out of Rosslare on a Saturday, it can be back with a part by the following Thursday at the latest. We have courier companies here'.

Nicola has paid over €100 for parking at the hospital instead of being able to buy a 15-day ticket for €35.

She has to visit her mother twice a day at a cost of €8 per day.

Nicola said the barriers should have been opened or alternative arrangements offered to visitors 'instead of ripping people off because they can't fix a ticket machine'.

'I have no problem paying for parking but this is a rip-off. They're really raking it in. It's really not fair', she said.

The following notice was placed on the machine : 'Due to unforeseen circumstances, Wexford General Hospital is unable to offer 2,5, 15 day tickets. Technical services is trying to remedy this but it may take a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.'

'I've heard other people complaining about it as well. At one stage, someone wrote 'going on at least six days days' on the notice', said Nicole.

'How long is it going to take', she asked.

Attempts on Monday to contact the hospital's General Manager about the problem were unsuccessful.

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