Friday 20 September 2019

Angry resident wants clean up of Coolcotts Walkway



ONE ANGRY resident has this week spoken out about the state of a small strip of land behind his house. Danny Kelly from 30 Ashfield Drive, Coolcotts, says that a walkway which runs behind his house is an 'absolute disgrace'.

The extent of the illegal dumping in the area he says is so bad that it would take a digger and a trailer two to three hours to remove it all from the scene.

The walkway is most commonly used by children walking to the nearby Scoil Mhuire.

However, at night it has become a haven for anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping.

Danny, aged 60, is concerned for the safety of the children who use this walkway and as a result has appealed to the Borough Council to take action to improve the situation.

Danny claims that there has been an issue over who owns the land and consequently with whom responsibility for the area lies.

He believes that the land is not owned by the school but should be dealt with by the council.

Despite this, Danny has assumed responsibility for the patch of land directly behind his house and has over the past four years, with assistance from his son Jason, tried to maintain it to the best of his capability.

He explains that this involves removing the constant flow of ' shopping bags and black bags which seem to always be left there'.

His son Jason also levelled the area which is now planted with flowers and shrubs, and a lawn which Danny mows regularly.

However, the rest of the area is unkempt. He describes it as 'wild looking with weeds growing up the railings'.

Wexford Borough Council this week refused to accept responsibility for cleaning the area.

A representative for the council said that it 'would encourage the community to take more pride in the area', thus help Danny in his endeavours to maintain the area.

Danny agreed that there was a consensus in the area that people wanted to clean the area.

However, he believes that it would simply be in vain unless someone assumes ownership of the land and cordons it off by erecting a security gate at the end of the alley.

' The council should put a security gate at the end of the alley to stop people getting in and dumping rubbish', he said.

He continued: ' The caretaker for the school could be given a key to the gate to open it in the morning to allow the children in.'

Danny said that three years ago the residents were involved in a ' huge clean-up' of the area but without a gate to prevent people gaining access it returned to the way it had been.

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