Wednesday 23 October 2019

Ann is happy to be back in native place

At 56, Ann Cullen is the youngest resident of the scheme.
At 56, Ann Cullen is the youngest resident of the scheme.

Ann Cullen who moved into the first house that became available in McCall Cottages is delighted to be back residing in the area where she lived as a child.

'I grew up near the parish hall, we had Cullen's shop there. I left when I was 17 and I was 39 years out of the area', said Anne who, at 56 years, is the youngest resident in the scheme.

Over the years Ann has lived in Cork, Kerry and Wexford town and more recently in a Council house in New Ross but always wanted to get back to her native village.

She was delighted to be allocated a two-bedroomed house as this means her 81-year old brother Fr. Sean Cullen, a member of the Kiltegan Fathers who spent 36 years in Nigeria and is now based in Wicklow, is able to visit her.

'I am very happy to be here. It's a very familiar place to be. I would know quite a few older people in the parish', said Ann who thought she would be too young to qualify for one of the houses. 'When I applied, William Considine told me that 56 was the minimum age and they also took into account that I was from the parish', she said.

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