Friday 24 November 2017

Aoife Byrne says people let down by government

By David Tucker

Aoife Byrne and her father Hugh at her launch.
Aoife Byrne and her father Hugh at her launch.

The people of Wexford have been let down, neglected and it is time that changed, according to Aoife Byrne who launched her bid to win a seat for Fianna Fail in the forthcoming General Election at the Whitford House Hotel on Thursday.

Surrounded by her supporters and family, Ms Byrne a first-time candidate for elected office and the daughter of former minister Hugh Byrne, mapped out her priorities for Wexford over the coming years.

Covering, employment creation, tourism, infrastructure, education, young families, care of the elderly and security in the home, Ms Byrne held the past government to task for what she termed its clear lack of ambition over the past 5 years.

'For too long now Wexford has been left behind. We are in a downward spiral, from seventh most disadvantaged county in the country in 2007 to third most disadvantaged today. This quite simply has to stop.

'We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, lowest in terms of educational attainment, highest burglary rate, one of the highest suicide rates, along with high rates of negative equity.

Setting out her commitments she said, 'If elected I will address the issues of unemployment and access to education, particularly for our younger people. I welcome the South East Action Plan for Jobs. It is imperative that it is now implemented, with Wexford.. receiving its fair share.'

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