Sunday 26 January 2020

ASK campaign - one conversation can save a life

The 'ASK' campaign takes the form of a series of four posters, each depicting a person removing their 'happy-face mask' to show their 'unhappy face' beneath - indicating their true feelings.

Each poster carries the tag line 'ASK - one conversation can save a life'.

'Like most campaigns we hope it will make a difference and no matter what difficulties you are going through whether they be depression, financial or otherwise there is always another way,' said Wexford Mayor Cllr Jim Staples, who spearheaded the scheme.

'Our tag line on our posters is that one conversation can save a life and in my own experience and that of others the first conversation in always the hardest but once you've had that conversation then you can get the help that you need.

'Sometimes that conversation needs to be started by someone other that the person in trouble and that's a big part of out campaign,' he said.

The mayor said the posters are designed to encourage those who may be struggling or feeing down to ask for help while at the same time encouraging those who may be concerned about a friend, relative or colleague to simply ask that person if they are feeling OK or would like to talk.

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