Tuesday 28 January 2020

Author Nicky gets lost in history of Wexford

By Maria Pepper

Wexford's forgotten heritage is the theme of a new book entitled 'Lost Wexford' by local historian and writer Nicky Rossiter which will be officially launched by Alan Maguire of South East Radio on Thursday, June 22 at 7 pm.

It's the ninth Rossiter title published by The History Press since 2005 when his first book 'Wexford -a history, a tour, a miscellany' was also launched by Alan Maguire.

The new book has come from the masses of additional information unearthed during Nicky's research into specific subjects which he feels should be acknowledged and recorded.

He believes there is a great appetite out there among all age groups for information on the heritage of Wexford town and he is constantly amazed at the gems that surface in a letter from a reader, an old newspaper cutting, a photograph or old advertisement.

Every time he finishes a book, he thinks 'that's it' but within weeks something else turns up and he's back to further research and writing.

Nicky's second career as a writer began about 30 years ago when he joined forces with Willie Roche, Tomás Hayes and Kevin Hurley to produce a book called 'Walk Wexford Ways' which was launched in March 1988. Since then, he has produced other titles with them as well as books for Wexford Council of Trade Unions and the internationally published History Press series.

He has written historical plays for Wexford Youth Theatre, history fillers for South East Radio, articles for journals and newspapers and has broadcast on Sunday Miscellany on RTE Radio 1. He has also written and presented a series called 'Stories' for Christian Media Trust over many years.

'Lost Wexford' contains chapters including 'Characters', 'Nicknames', 'Sweets and Treats' and 'Maritime Tales'. Nicky is indebted to local man Sean Tyghe for a large amount of information on old nicknames and stories revealing the character of Wexford in times past.

All are welcome to attend the launch in Wexford Book Centre at which Nicky will give a short talk.

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