Tuesday 24 October 2017


WEXFORD County Council is not against change if it means delivering better services to people in a way that is more economical, according to Director of Services Adrian Doyle.

Mr. Doyle who is the town manager for Wexford, said Council officials are still considering the implications of the 200-page document.

'We're not going to be negative about Government policy if it involves change for the right reasons,' he said.

' The aim of the document is to deliver better services, more efficiently and more economically'.

'You can't argue with that with the state the economy is in,' he said.

From a preliminary look at the changes, he doesn't believe Wexford town as a municipal entity will be downgraded.

'My understanding is that the town will be extended even further to include Wexford district and there will still be a Mayor of the new Municipal Borough.' ' There will be an expansion of the role of Mayor,' he said. On the Minister's plan to drastically cut the existing number of councillors, the Director said he doesn't believe it will leave people without representation. ' The councillor was an important link between officials and citizens but over the past decade, a lot of new structures have been put in place which give people advocacy and redress.'

'You have the Ombudsman, the Freedom of Information Act, Citizens Adv ice Bureau and MABS.'

'You didn't have these structures during the 1950s and 1960s.

'Also new standards apply now in the running of local government which have brought improvements in how services are delivered,' he said.

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