Sunday 17 December 2017

Bar owner assaulted for refusing man ice


A MAN who assaulted the owner of a bar because he wouldn't give him a bag of ice, was given a suspended sentence of two months in prison by Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla at Wexford District Court.

Gerald O' Brien, Mary Street admitted assaulting Philip Roche of the Sailing Cot, causing him harm on the afternoon of July 12, 2009.

Inspector Pat McDonald said the bar owner heard the defendant demanding some ice. He refused to give him a bag of ice and he left the premises.

He returned again and demanded ice and when he refused, he hit him several blows on the face, knocking him back on to the ground and stunning him for a short time.

His wife then came on the scene and broke up the assault, said the Inspector.

The court heard that the defendant had a number of previous convictions, the most recent being in 1997, outside the jurisdiction.

The defendant told Judge O Buachalla that he didn't go in demanding ice. He asked for it. 'On the assault, I put my hands up, I gave him a few boxes', he said.

'You inflicted serious injury on this man. Do you accept that?, asked the Judge. 'Yes', replied the defendant. 'He made a complete show of me in the bar for nothing. The barman was giving me the ice. He decided to take the ice off me.'

He said he still saw the bar owner every day as he frequents the bookies next door to the pub and he had apologised to him. 'He said it was okay, that it was the gardai who were pursuing it', he said.

When Inspector McDonald handed in photos of the injured party's injuries, the defendant said he couldn't understand the damage to his body because he didn't hit him on the body.

'Maybe he got the injuries from falling when you struck him', suggested the Judge, imposing a twomonth sentence suspended on him entering a bond to keep the peace for two years and collecting €500 in compensation for the injured party within 12 weeks.

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