Sunday 18 March 2018

Barnardos closed as stock is destroyed in flood

THE RECESSION is the least of their worries in Barnardos in Wexford following a flash flood a few weeks back.

The charity shop at Selskar was flooded following the torrential rain that hit the county for several hours and the shop and all its stock was destroyed.

Manager Jackey Tamtumus said they hope to be re-opened in another week, but confirmed that they are taking a serious hit to their revenue by being closed for at least a month. However, the silver lining for Barnardos is that they had a lot of their autumn and winter stock stored elsewhere and that will be ready to hit the racks once the shop re-opens after a complete new fit-out.

Barnardos, like most charity shops, stocks all sorts, from clothes to CDs and books to bric-a-brac.

They take donations in the door, but they get the bulk of their stock from collections around the country, with bags left at houses and then collected several days later by a Barnardos van.

They have up to 14 volunteers in Wexford town and Jackey said that the shop had been relatively busy before the flood brought business to a temporary halt.

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