Sunday 17 November 2019

Barntown parishioners go mobile with new app

Fr. John Carroll pictured with the promotional banner for the app
Fr. John Carroll pictured with the promotional banner for the app
Parishioners at Barntown Church downloading their new parish app at the Easter weekend Masses in Barntown

Esther Hayden

Parishioners in Barntown were all looking at their smartphones during the Easter Masses in the parish.

However Fr John Carroll, curate in Barntown, didn't mind a bit. In fact he had encouraged them to bring their phones to Mass so they could download the new parish app.

The app has a host of features and also allows parishioners to receive message updates and allows them to access contact details for key parish personnel and services.

Fr Carroll said: 'The app doesn't just allow for better communication from the parish, it also has a spiritual and catechetical aspect. It allows parishioners to download a daily reflection and the Mass readings, to keep up to date with Church developments at national and international levels and make requests for prayers at times of need and volunteer for service directly.'

Commenting on how challenging some of the more elderly parishioners might find this translation to new technology, Fr. Carroll said: 'I am continually amazed at just how versatile and innovative some of our more elderly parishioners actually are. That said, many have the expert back up of grandchildren and younger family members who are delighting in getting them started and seeing them keep up with the times.'

'The app is a small sign of how belief and religion are embracing new technology and the family that is church is connecting in ever new ways - it's a case of Catholic, Community, Connected as our promotional line states.'

The app can be downloaded for free at the app store. Parishioners are directed to YourParish App or alternatively just go to

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