Wednesday 16 October 2019

Beach find could land man fortune

Ambergis, known as ‘whale vomit’ found on the beach.
Ambergis, known as ‘whale vomit’ found on the beach.

David Tucker

A SUNDAY morning walk on a County Wexford beach could have yielded some rich pickings.

Stephen Gethings said he was out for a walk with his family at the Raven over the weekend when he found a lump of a substance he believes is ambergis, which could be worth a small fortune.

He said that earlier this year a man found a similiar object on a beach, and it turned out to be worth thousands.

Stephen is now trying to find somewhere to analyse his find.

Ambergis is used in the manufacture of perfume. It is also known as 'whale vomit' or 'floating gold'. It is a solid, waxy, flammable substance produced in the intestines of sperm whales to protect its gut from the very sharp beaks of squid that it feeds on deep down in the ocean.

Although called 'whale vomit', it is probably pooped rather than vomited, and it can float on the ocean for years before washing ashore.

It got its name because it looks like the amber washed up on beaches in the Baltic. 'Gris' comes from the Latin word for grey.

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