Friday 19 January 2018

Beach nudist fast arrest

Naturists get naked in Curracloe.
Naturists get naked in Curracloe.
Naturists at Curracloe beach last Sunday.
'Welcome to Wexford'

WEXFORD'S Mayor Cllr Ger Carthy was warned naturists that they face arrest if they turn up unannounced on the county's beaches.

Cllr Carthy was reacting to the news that a beach gathering of naturists took to the sands of Curracloe on Sunday (May 8) prompting a little surprise, but it would seem no complaints.

A spokesperson for the Irish Naturist Association said no one had asked the naked men and women, some carrying backpacks containing their picnics, to leave the beach, however, Cllr Carthy said that was not the point.

Cllr Carthy said the bottom line was that if 'If I went naked on the streets of Wexford, I would get's against the law to go naked in a public place in Ireland.'

He said that despite the legal issues, he was sure he would be able to find the naturists a more isolated spot on the county's 250 km of coastline than at popular beauty spots like Curracloe.

'To go naked at Curracloe where there are children is not acceptable,' he said.

The nude gathering took place not far from where Steven Spielberg filmed 'Saving Private Ryan' prompting a caller to a national radio station to suggest that he could make a follow-up movie called 'Saving Private Ryan's Privates'.

A spokeswoman for the INA said: 'No one has had any issue here (in Wexford). The INA is pushing for clothing-optional beaches to be recognised.' It warned those going naked that no beaches or other public places officially approved for the practice of naturism.

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