Thursday 14 December 2017

Begging laws are clarified

BEGGING is not illegal unless the person doing it is causing an obstruction or committing a public order offence, Wexford's Joint Policing Committee meeting was informed by Chief Superintendent John Roche.

Cllr Pat Cody said he was informed of a case where a person was begging, but a third party was coming along and collecting the money they had received at various times.

He asked if this was outside the legal parameters of ' begging' as defined by a recent Supreme Court judgement here.

Chief Supt Roche said while begging is legal, selling items on the street is not, while neither is causing an obstruction or committing a public order offence.

He said in the particular case mentioned by Cllr Cody you would need a complaint from the beggar themselves that they are being coerced by a third party to proceed with an investigation, as the money could be being offered up voluntarily or being collected on their behalf, among other reasons.

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