Monday 19 August 2019

Bell rings on Labour bid

Maura Bell: Labour ambitions
Maura Bell: Labour ambitions

Anna Hayes

The Labour Party looks set to have three names on their town ticket in the next local elections, with Heritage Park managing director Maura Bell hoping to secure approval to run in next year's race.

Ms Bell would join Cllr George Lawlor, and former councillor Joe Ryan, in the new seven-seat town district.

Ms Bell, whose family is steeped in Labour, said that taking a leap into politics was something that she had always thought about, saying the decision to run was a natural progression. She said she had sought and received a nomination and was hoping that the party would approve her as a candidate at their convention later this month.

Ms Bell is well known for her work in the Irish National Heritage Park and said that, obviously, her own area of expertise and focus would be tourism and everything that went with it: 'I'd be looking at how we can get more of our slice of the pie, and ask why we aren't at the moment,' she remarked.

She said she was very optimistic about her new departure, adding that she wouldn't have put her name forward if she didn't feel confident about winning a seat.

'I'm looking forward to it and I'll go for it 100% as is the case with everything I do.'

Originally from John's Road, Ms Bell believes her party will perform well in the local elections: 'I think the time is right for Labour to regain a foothold in the town. I don't think people realise just how much Brendan Howlin did for the town as Minister; we would be in a much sorrier state if not for him.'

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